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Type: all seasons
Size: 220×200 cm
Filling weight: 1400 g
Made: manually
Filling: natural, new, 90% down + 10% feathers
Warm stitch: YES
Design: compartment-type
Standard: EN9010
Cover: Japanese cotton, down-tight
Guarantee: 24 months

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The Japanese all-season Yumenatsu 160×200 cm (width x length) duvet was sewn manually, using 100% Japanese cotton
and filled with sorted, natural, new down (90%) and natural, new feathers (10%). The duvet is made of compartments, preventing the down from moving within the product. The all-season duvet type is characterised by optimal thickness and weight, ensuring free heat release during the night. The product is provided with a unique, Japanese pattern with precise finishing.

Yumenatsu products are made of natural, new down considered to be the most perfect filling. Down visually resembles light and fluffy snowflakes, ensuring good, healthy sleep. Down ensures excellent air circulation, ensuring that the body breathes.

Covers of Yumenatsu duvets are made of high quality, Japanese cotton. It is a natural textile, characterised by many advantages for your comfort. Cotton is anti-allergic, does not cause skin sensitization and irritation. It is hygroscopic, which means that it absorbs moisture well and dries quickly. Yumenatsu duvets are highly resistant and may be used for many years.

Yumenatsu duvets have a unique, two-layer structure. Two down layers are separated with a membrane, ensuring even better sleep and comfort.

Yumenatsu products are manufactured according to extremely stringent, legendary Japanese standards. They are characterized by excellent quality, valued across the world for many years, and in Japan in particular – which is the most demanding market. The quality of products is confirmed by certificates and standards, i.e. CONFIDENCE IN TEXTILES (no. 94.0.7562), IDFL traceability and EN9010 standard.

Products are packed in convenient bags. They may be machine-washed and tumble dried, provided the machines have the required capacity. We recommend product cleaning at specialised stations.

We make every effort to ensure that the photos precisely reflect the look of the product. Any potential colour differences may be a result of individual display and screen settings. If the Customer deems the actual product colour to be unacceptable, the product may be returned.

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