The webstore, operating under the adddress of , is run and managed by:

WR consulting Wiktor Ruminkiewicz
ul. Młodzieżowa 2
62-510 Konin

e-mail address:

Store– the webstore operating at the address, selling products available in its portfolio via the Internet;
Working days– all weekdays from Monday to Friday, excluding statutory holidays;
Order execution time– time required by the Store to complete the order and dispatch it via the delivery form selected by the Customer;
Customer– an individual or a legal entity making purchases in the Store, with or without registration;
Customer Account– a database containing Customer data used to execute submitted orders, order history, customer preferences regarding selected store functionalities, data related to payments and overpayments related to orders;
Bank transfer– a payment made by the Customer with a bank, using an Internet or traditional account or at a post office;
Electronic transfer– a payment made by the Customer using the PayU service;
Card payment –an on–line payment using a bank card, via the PayU service.

I. Order acceptance and execution
The Store manages sales of products and services via Internet. The Store publishes information about the products on the website. The Customer may contact the Store via electronic mail, sending a message to the following address: or by telephone, at the number +48 570 440 413.
1. Customer orders are accepted through the website, immediately after an order placement, the Customer receives an e-mail message indicating that the order reached the Store and shall undergo verification.
2. A sales contract is entered by and between the Store and the Customer once the order is placed by the Customer.
3. During the order process, the Customer:
a. selects the ordered products
b. indicates the delivery method and address to which the purchase proof should be issued (these may be different addresses),
c. selects the payment method
4. The Store starts executing the order once it receives the payment for the ordered products (this does not apply to collect on delivery orders).
5. If no payment is received for the products within 7 days, the Store shall reject the Customer offer submitted with the order.
6. The order shall be executed if the products are available within the warehouse or with Store suppliers. If some of the ordered products are not available, the Customer shall be informed about the status of the order and shall decide on the execution (partial execution or cancelling the entire order with a refund, if an advance payment was made).
7. If the product is unavailable (no product is available in the warehouse and with the Store suppliers) and the Customer order may not be executed, the Store shall inform the Customer that the order cannot be executed. If the Customer already paid for the product – the Store shall refund the Customer the cost of the product within 14 (fourteen) calendar days after the order is cancelled.
8. Once the order is verified, the Store shall sand an e-mail message to the address of the Customer:
a. confirming acceptance of one or several individual offers for Products submitted with the order and confirming the sale contract as entered into;
b. informing that the order cannot be accepted with all product offers submitted witht he order because of reasons indicated in p. I point 5 (lack of payment);
c. Information about impossible acceptance of some or all offers submitted with the order because of reasons indicated in paragraph I point 6 and 7 (product unavailability).
9. The sale contract is entered into when the Store confirms the order as accepted for execution, namely, upon delivery of the e-mail message indicated in paragraph I point 8a to the Customer.
10. A limited number of products is intended for promotional sales and other sales, and orders for them are executed on the first come first served basis according to the order of received, confirmed orders for such products, while stocks covered by this form of sale last.
11. A proof of purchase is issued for every order – a receipt or a VAT invoice.

II. Order changes
1. The Customer may make changes to the order until the order is executed (namely, until the order is dispatched for shipment). The Customer may cancel a submitted order in its entirety until the shipment.
2. The aforementioned changes may be made by contacting the Customer Service Office, via e-mail or by telephone, at +48 570 440 413.
3. Order modifications changing: Customer address, delivery address and containing overpayment return instructions shall be accepted for execution only if such an instruction is sent using the contact form available on the website.

III. Product prices
1. All product prices listed on the Store website are specified in Polish zlotys and include the VAT.
2. The price specified for every product is binding at the time the Customer submits the order.
3. The Store reserves the right to change the prices of products offered by the Store, introduce new products to the Store portfolio, undertake and remove promotional activities on the Store website or make changes to such activities. This right does not influence product prices in orders submitted before the effective date of the price change, change to conditions of promotional activities or sales.

IV. Order execution times
1. The estimated time required to prepare the order for shipment is specified for every product. This is the time between order acceptance for execution and shipment of the parcel from the Store using the delivery method selected by the Customer, including only working days. Orders for goods with different execution times is sent when the entire order is completed and the shipment date is determined according to the product with the longest execution time. The Store starts executing the order once it receives the payment for the ordered products (this does not apply to collect on delivery orders).
2. The orders are delivered by the selected courier delivery company, to the address indicated by the Customer.
3. Delivery method and deadline declared by the transport provider within Poland:
Delivery methods and times within Poland:
– by courier, maximum delivery time, 4 working days,
Times specified above are as declared by a courier delivery company.
4. The Store bears no responsibility for undelivered products or delayed deliveries caused by incorrect or imprecise address specified by the Customer.

V. Delivery costs
1. Delivery costs for the ordered products are paid by the Customer
Delivery costs are specified in the Deliveries part of the website
Once the products are selected, the basket automatically collects the shipment costs of products available in our portfolio.

VI. The right to withdraw from the contract
1. According to the Act of 30th May 2014 on consumer rights, a Customer who is also a consumer may withdraw from the purchase of products bought with the Store within 14 days after delivery collection, without the need to specify a reason. In order to enforce the right to withdraw from the contract, the Customer must inform the Store about its decision to withdraw from the contract as an explicit declaration of intent (for example, as a note sent by post, by fax or by e-mail). In order to meet the deadline for withdrawal from contract it is enough for the Customer to send the information related to execution of the right to withdraw from the contract before the contract withdrawal deadline. A sample contract withdrawal form is available on the website, in the „Regulations” tab.
This is possible only if the goods have not been used, copied or damaged. The returned goods should be complete (including tags, price tags). The returned goods should be sent together with the received proof of purchase and a note stating „Return”.
2. The Store shall refund the amount paid for such goods immediately, however, not later than within 14 days after the declaration of the Customer on withdrawal from the contract is received. The Store shall refund the payment using the same payment methods as used by the Customer during the initial transaction, unless it explicitly agrees to a different solution.
The Store is obliged to refund the Customer all payments made, including delivery costs of the goods (equal to the least expensive delivery method offered by the Store for the goods).
3. The Customer shall be obliged to return the goods to the Store immediately, however, not later than within 14 days from the contract withdrawal date. This deadline shall be deemed to be met by sending the goods before the indicated deadline. The Store shall not accept any shipments sent as collect on delivery shipments.

VII. Payment methods
1. The Customer may select the following payment methods for ordered goods to be delivered within Poland:
– payment in cash collected on order delivery via a courier – order execution begins at the end of the order submission procedure,
– electronic transfer – ePrzelew – order execution begins when the Store receives a confirmation of a correct operation from the payment operator.
– traditional bank transfer – order execution begins when the bank account of the Store is credited.
2. In the case of the selected products, the Store reserves the right to exclude some methods of order delivery or payment methods for the order.
3. The Store reserves the right to exclude the following payment forms for the order:
”collect on delivery” payments towards a Customer who does not collect two subsequent, sent and paid as collect on delivery orders, delivered by a courier company. Upon exclusion of this payment form, the Customer may use the following payment forms: electronic transfer, bank transfer. The “collect on delivery” payment form may be restored for the given Customer upon submission and collection of the next order
paid for using an electronic transfer or a bank transfer.

VIII. Warranty claims
Warranty claim address and data:
WR consulting
ul. Młodzieżowa 2
62-510 Konin

TELEPHONE: +48 570 440 413

Warranty claims:
1. The Store shall be obliged to deliver fault-free products to the Customer.
2. The Store shall be responsible for material and legal faults of products purchased at the Store, according to regulations provided for in the Civil Law Code.
3. The Customer should make their claims in writing, to the following specifying information regarding the type and date on which the fault occurred.
4. If the sold Product is faulty, the Customer may:
a. submit a declaration on price deduction or on withdrawal from the sale contract, unless the Store immediately and without excessive inconvenience of the Customer replaces the faulty product with a correct one or removes the fault. The Customer may not withdraw from the contract if the Product fault is insignificant;
b. Require the product to be replaced with a fault-free product or to have the fault removed.
with exceptions and according to regulations provided for in the relevant regulations of the Civil Law Code.
5. If the Customer is also a consumer, the Customer may require the Product to be replaced with a fault-free product instead of fault removal suggested by the Store or require the fault to be removed instead of replaced, unless making the Product conforming to the contract as required by the Customer is impossible or requires excessive costs compared to the method recommended by the Store. Evaluation of excessive costs include the value of a fault-free Product, type and significance of the found fault, as well as inconvenience the Customer would be exposed to if the claim was satisfied otherwise.
6. The Store shall be responsible by virtue of guarantee, if a physical fault is identified within two years after the Product was delivered to the Customer. A claim related to fault removal or Product replacement with a fault-free Product shall expire after a year from fault identification, however, in the case of an Order placed by the Customer – the expiry date may not be earlier than the date indicated in the first sentence.

IX. Personal data
1. By submitting an order with the Store, the Customer agrees to have their data placed in the address database of the Store and to have the data processed for the purpose of contract execution.
Provision of personal data by the Customer is required for order execution by the Store. The Customer shall be responsible for provision of false personal data.
2. Personal data is protected according to the Act of 29/08/1997 on personal data protection (Journal of Laws 133 item 883) in a manner preventing access of third parties to such data.

X. Extra-judicial settlement of complaints and claims.
1. Use of extra-judicial methods of settlement of complaints and claims is voluntary. The stipulations presented below are of informative nature and do not comprise a Store obligation to use extra-judicial methods of dispute settlement. A declaration of the Seller agreeing or refusing to participate in a procedure of extra-judicial settlement of consumer disputes shall be submitted by the Store in writing or using another permanent medium, if a dispute is not settled as a result of a warranty claim made by the Customer.
2. Regulations applicable to procedures of extra-judicial settlement of consumer disputes and relevant obligations of companies are specified in legal regulations (in particular, in the Act of 23rd September 2016 on extra-judicial settlement of consumer disputes, Journal of Laws 2016, item 1823) or in regulations applied by appropriate entities responsible for settling consumer disputes. Detailed information about the options of the Customer related to extra-judicial processing of claims and rules governing access to such procedures may be available at offices and on websites of county (city) consumer ombudsmen, social organisations, statutory tasks of which include consumer protection, Voivodeship Commerce Inspectors, in particular also available on the website of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection The President of the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection maintains a list of entities authorised to oversee procedures related to extra-judicial settlements of consumer disputes.
3. A Customer who is also a consumer has the following, example options of using extra-judicial methods of claim processing:
a. The Customer may use the service of a permanent amicable consumer tribunal indicated in art. 37 of the Act of 15th December 2000 on Commerce Inspectorate (Journal of Laws 2001 no. 4 item 25, as amended), with a request to settle a dispute resulting from a sale contract;
b. The Customer may use the service of a Voivodeship Commerce Inspector according to art. 36 of the Act of 15th December 2000 on Commerce Inspectorate (Journal of Laws 2001 no. 4 item 25, as amended), with a request to start a mediation procedure related to extra-judicial settlement of a dispute between the Customer and the Store;
c. The Customer may obtain free help regarding the settlement of a dispute between the Customer and the Store, using the relevant county (city) customer ombudsman or a social organisation, tasks of which include consumer protection (i.e. Consumer Federation, Association of Polish Consumers);
d. The Customer may submit a complaint using the ODR website: The ODR website also provides a source of information on extra-judicial settlement methods of disputes arising between companies and consumers.

XI. Final stipulations
1. A sale contract is entered into by and between the Customer and the store owner Recording, storage and provision of important stipulations of such a contract takes play by printing and providing the Customer with a proof of purchase included with the shipment
2. Goods presented on the websites of the Internet Store do not comprise an offer as understood according to the Civil Law Code.
3. The common court holding jurisdiction at the registered seat of the respondent or the common court holding jurisdiction at the location of contract execution shall settle disputes related to the contract.
4. Generally effective legal regulations, including regulations of the Civil Law Code and of the Act on consumer rights shall apply to all matters not settled in these Regulations. .
5. Stipulations of Paragraph VII of these Regulations “Right to withdraw from the contract” shall not apply to Customers who are not consumers.
6. The Store may amend these Regulations (excluding stipulations related to Customers who are not consumers, which may be amended at any time) if at least one of the following, important circumstances arise
a. Legal regulations applicable to Product sales or electronic provision of services by the Store are changed, influencing mutual rights and obligations specified in the contract entered into by the Customer and the Store, or interpretation of such legal regulations changes  as a result of court verdicts, decisions, recommendations or suggestions of the competent authorities or bodies;
b. Service provision methods change because of technical or technological reasons (in particular, because of updates of technical requirements indicated in these Rules);
c. Scope or provision of services covered by stipulations of the Regulations change as a result of introduction, modification or removal of current functionalities or services covered by the Regulations by the Store.
9. If changes are made to the Regulations, the Store shall provide the consolidated text of the Regulations by publishing it on the website of the Store and as a message sent to the e-mail address provided by the Customer at the time the contract was entered into and the Parties shall understand this fact as information about changes to the means of electronic correspondence enabling the Customer to acknowledge the contents of such a change.
10. Changes to the Regulations shall become effective 14 days after the information about the change is sent.

These Regulations were published on: 05/12/2018